Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Women on top of the Eclipse World Cup Forecasts

I'm glad to see that a woman is on the top of the Eclipse World Cup forecasts table. Will Fanny win the competition? Who said that women don't know anything about soccer? Nathalie is 10th. Loredana is 21th. Each day, Lynn is better and better. She's now 25th in the table... There are 70 players in the game and the identified women are on the top of the results table. Well done!

It's not too late to come into the game! For the final phase, the score is multiplied by 2! So you keep a chance.

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Don't hesitate to make your own add-in! It's so easy when you use Modeling technologies ;-)


dbonneau said...

Trop forte Fanny !!! :)

Not to hard to be beaten by a girl ? (12 perfect forecasts versus 3 for you)

Jonathan Musset said...

C'est clair, ah les nanas et le foot : imprévisibles!