Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Acceleo 3.0 is out and Modeling webinar

I'm really proud to announce that Acceleo 3.0 is out. It comes with Eclipse 3.6. Acceleo 3.0 combines nice tooling, simple syntax and efficient code generation with all the pragmatism we had with the 2.x stream.

As you probably know, Eclipse Helios is out! Obeo was greatly involved in this release. Note that there will be an Eclipse Modeling Webinar today (June 24 at 7pm CEST). I'll talk about the new features we have added this year.

Wanted : 70 players for the EEF Eclipse World Cup forecasts! 3 players more and it's done. I'm really glad to be on the top 10, but the first guy is flying... Don't miss the final phase, the score will be multiplied by 2! It's easy to come into the game. Come at any time! See the rules.

Obeo was involved in several projects of the Helios simultaneous release :
  • Acceleo 3.0 is a pragmatic implementation of the OMG Model-to-text specification. It supports the developper with most of the features that can be expected from a top quality code generator IDE: simple syntax, efficient code generation, advanced tooling, features on par with the JDT... Acceleo also has a unique tooling around example-based design of code generators.
  • ATL 3.1 is definitively THE model-to-model transformation language in Eclipse.
  • EEF is another way to improve the EMF model creation and it aims to improve the EMF.Edit and EMF.Editor JET code generators.
  • Amalgamation is the project that leads the creation of the modeling bundle, it has an easy one click discover and install wizard.
  • EMF Compare 1.1 mainly brings performances enhancements : ID based matching and heuristic based matching have been enhanced by a 10 factor. EMF Compare has now better support for fragmented model during the comparison.
  • SCA Tools provides a set of tools for the Service Component Architecture (SCA) set of standards. The 2.1 release brings compatibility with the OASIS specifications. The SCA Designer has been updated to work with Tuscany 2.x...

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