Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two billion years of software evolution

The Acceleo planet, the Modeling solar system, the Eclipse galaxy, and the software development universe...

The only conclusion that could be derived from a universe where everything moves away from everything else is that the universe constantly expands.

Today, more than 400 000 objects roam the solar system. The stars, planets and galaxies are in constant motion. The gravitational force acting on these celestial bodies, attracting them to each other, leads to collisions. 65 millions years ago, the impact of an asteroid on Earth has caused mass extinction of living species such as dinosaurs. In two billion years, scientists predict that our galaxy will be struck by Andromeda to form a single galaxy. Related to the origins and evolution of the universe, cosmic shocks created in the past affects the present and shape the future. The Dinosaur Extinction has probably cleared the way for us. Thus, we can also consider a collision as the beginning of something else...

Image courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech License

I posted this because it sounds like Eclipse plug-ins development and software evolution... Sometimes, you want to blow everything up, to go further... But, it's not easy to do...

The JDT has been re-written several times in ten years, isn't it? I think that the Eclipse XText version is really more cool than the old one. E4 will probably be a revolutionary development platform... What an exciting challenge to rewrite everything without losing the best of what you have already done? We've tried to do our best for the Acceleo MTL mutation. Now, thanks to the team, the new Acceleo version seems to be on the road... Thanks for all the positive feedbacks we have received about the collision between the Acceleo planet and the MTL celestial object. Where does MTL come from? the OMG galaxy!

I can't imagine how Eclipse could be in two billion years... It would be an ordered bloody mess, like the universe ;-)

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