Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1-minute fully-functional example for ATL and Acceleo

This message will help you to install and use ATL and Acceleo in 2 minutes or if you need to make a quick demo for your client or for your boss... Don't waste your time! Use the Modeling discovery UI of the Amalgamation project.

Amalgamation Note :

The Eclipse Modeling Package is a base and sound platform one can rely on for development tasks leveraging the modeling technologies. The Package is focusing on EMF and its complementary frameworks and tools : we call that the "base platform". That said the modeling community is way more diverse than that and provides complete IDE's for dedicated langages. Those are provided through the discovery UI.

Here is the easiest way to install and try the modeling technologies like ATL and Acceleo, by downloading the Amalgamation bundle :

The final release (June 23) will be available at

  • Use the modeling discovery button to install ATL and Acceleo

  • Examples are available for these technologies in the right-click menus New > Examples > Acceleo Plug-ins and New > Examples > ATL

  • Now, your workspace contains the new examples...

I will come back with some little information about the interoperability between these 2 technologies...

Coming soon...

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