Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Acceleo - Documentations are available

The documentation that comes with Acceleo 3.0 is ready. Everything is available in the Help menu : Help > Help Contents > Acceleo Model To Text Transformation Language.

Each document of the documentation set deals with a different aspect of mastering Acceleo :
  • Plug-in Overview : This will give you at a glance a quick overview of what Acceleo offers.
  • Quick Start : This document is meant to help you get started with Acceleo as fast as possible. No details, no explanations, just the facts!
  • Android Tutorial : This is meant to give beginners a tutorial to get them started with defining their own code generators... and advanced users a way to discover some of Acceleo killer features.
  • User Guide : This document describes each and every feature of Acceleo. From the installation to the execution with a trip through the editing features, it will give you an in-depth description of everything there is to know about Acceleo.
  • New Acceleo Project : A short description of what a new Acceleo project has to offer (and how it should be laid out) in terms of files and features.
  • New Acceleo UI Project : Acceleo allows you to create "UI Projects" to ease the bundling and deployment of Acceleo generation modules. This short document will lead you through this process.
  • OCL operations reference : This is more of an OCL documentation, but this will give you an exhaustive list of the available OCL standard library operations, a short description and examples for each of them.
  • Acceleo operations reference : Same as the above, yet this time for the Acceleo standard (and non standard) libraries. Once again, a short description and examples for each of these operations will be listed.
  • Text Production Rules : This document is more of a normative document than it is an end-user documentation; it will help you understand the rules that Acceleo uses under the hood in order to determine when indentation should be swallowed, when lines should be indented, when lines should be trimmed...
Have fun and do not hesitate to give feedback through the mailling-lists, the bugzilla or the Eclipse M2T newsgroup! (you have to put the tag [Acceleo] in the message subject)

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