Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Acceleo 3.0 Non-Code Aspects

I was preparing the Eclipse Helios Release review material for Acceleo 3.0 and I had to compute the following information... I thought it could be interesting to share these Non-Code aspects with the Acceleo community...

JUnit Tests metrics :
  • 706 unit tests are launched on every build
  • 1219 unit tests are launched every day

JUnit Tests Code coverage :
  • 71 % for the code generation engine
  • 84 % for the MTL compiler
  • 29 % for the Eclipse UI - We plan to reach 50% in the next few weeks

Code quality information :
  • Checkstyle is activated on each distinct plug-in
  • Eclemma is used on a regular basis to improve test coverage
  • Yourkit is used on a regular basis to improve performances
  • Javadoc represents more than 46% of the Java source code

A code analysis page is available on Ohloh.

Don't hesitate to become a friend ;-)

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