Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain are world champions and Fanny wins the Eclipse forecasts

España Gana la Copa!

Spain victory is the fruit of a lot of work. Andres Iniesta was the man of the match for the final game. He is to be congratulated for that. However, I would like to highlight another person today, the woman who wins the Eclipse EEF world cup forecasts. She isn't an Eclipse commiter but she lives with an active Eclipse modeling commiter. This is something that needs considering, isn't it? ;) Thanks for all those who share our life, like you... I'm surprised that you have more points than me ;) I also give you thanks for showing us that women know soccer as much as men, and above all that an Eclipse RCP application is also usable by a non-computer scientist ;)

Thanks to the EEF and the Acceleo teams that created this nice application in few days. EEF deserves to be adopted.

Congratulations to Laurent and Florian for finishing second and third! And finally, congratulations to Nathalie who won the Obeo version of the game. A revolution is in process!

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  • ATL add-in : An action to help soccer ignorants to improve their forecasts.

Viva Espana! Congratulations to Netherland and Germany for the podium!

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