Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eclipse Con 2010 and Acceleo community feedbacks

Eclipse Con seems to be a great success this year, like every year ;-)

I have particularly liked the Jeff Norris keynote this morning. What a standing ovation! Thank you Jeff for the road trip on mars...

Thanks also to you Kenn for the nice Eclipse Modeling Runaway 2010. It was a pleasure to talk a little bit about Acceleo. For those of you who are interested, here is the fash demo I have shown during this session : Acceleo at Eclipse Modeling Runaway 2010.

Here are the slides of my 25 minutes session Acceleo Code Generation - Let's start with an Android example. I hope that you liked it... Let's me know if you have learned something. I had 3 goals when I made this quick tutorial :

  • Acceleo beginners could see a simple but concrete case-study
  • Acceleo addicts could discover some new "killing" features, for the Obeo guys also ;-)
  • Android experts could learn enough of the basics to be able to create advanced code generator in a few days

I'm not an Android expert but I like this technology and I have liked to make a quick example on how to use Android and Acceleo together. To be continued...

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