Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Acceleo 2.6 and the next-gen version (0.8) cohabitation

Once you have installed the 2 versions of Acceleo in your eclipse (Acceleo 2.6 and the next-gen version actually named 0.8), you might need to identify the one you really want to use.

At the moment, the reference version is Acceleo 2.6 and all the wizards and the menus of this version are available in an "Acceleo" category. We often use a "Model To Text" category for the next-gen version because we try to use the eclipse projects conventions.

There was a conflict for the Acceleo Perspective, because we can't give the name "Model To Text" to our perspective ;-) , so we decided to change the icon of the Acceleo 2.6 perspective by adding a small "2.6" decorator.

Finally, if you want to disable temporarly the next-gen Acceleo, you can disable the eclipse acceleo capabilities in the general preferences, as in the following screenshot.

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